Paintings and Drawings

My two dimensional works seen in this gallery, reflect my eclectic interests and are inspired by my travels. Subject matter ranges from human, figure and portraits, to nature and architecture; all are dynamic in colour and movement. I select media to best portray the object of my creation. These include, acrylic or oil paints on stretched canvas, inks, oil pastels, pencil and/or conté crayon on various papers. The size of my work  varies from A5 to A0+ and is driven by what I am portraying and the media I am using. I have explored some of my works much as a musician might explore harmonic progression by transposing a piece to a new key or produce variations on a theme. The 'theme' is the original work upon which the variations are based; harmonies are retained but I will explore discordancies in the future. Variations are indicated by 'Var' followed by the number, for some works more than one variation has been created. Variations have been placed next to the original in the gallery for the viewer to compare.

Gallery: Painting and Drawings